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Februar 08, 2015

Gondolas as mass transportation systems – study shows different solutions

Image Credit: New York Times

Image Credit: New York Times

Gondolas or Aerial Tramway system are becoming increasingly popular as mass transportation systems. This development is also relevant to the mission of Eurasian Gondolas as the this gondola would operate between a means of transportation for travelling as well as a mass transportation system, in particular in urban agglomerations.

A comprehensive study from Katharina A. Rudolph from the Vienna University of Economics shows different approaches and solutions for urban gondolas.

Aerial ropeways that are used as urban mass transit system are existing for instance in in the United States in New York City, Portland, Oregon, and Telluride, Colorado in Caracas, Venezuela, Algier, Algeria, Groningen, Netherlands, Wladiwostok, Russia, Medellin, Columbia, Bandung, Indonesien, Trier and Koblenz, Germany.