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April 17, 2015

How Caracas’s new cable-car system is making the city’s favelas more visible


Image credit: Iwan Baan

The hills surrounding the city center of Caracas have long been the sites of barrios, informal settlements populated by a steady influx of poor, rural migrants. It is estimated that about sixty percent of the city’s five million inhabitants live in such communities, but due to their illegal status these areas have never been formally connected with public transit or other civic services. The result has been a seemingly inexorable social divide between the two parts of the city.

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April 08, 2015

Urban Gondola in New York – Project links Brookly to Manhattan


Urban Gondola in New York / Image Credit: The New York Times

„Can that earnest but modest success be replicated across a broad swath of New York?“ asks The Atlantic about the biggest gondola project besides Austin in the US right now. „There’s not enough detail in this early-stage proposal to say for sure, but the general outline sure sounds pleasant. A cable car could convey riders from Williamsburg to Manhattan in under 4 minutes. More than 5,000 people could take the gondola in each direction in an hour, according to CityRealty.“


Image credit: The Atlantic 

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