Juni 27, 2016

Ha Long Bay from above

The new cable car system offers a fresh look at the beautiful bay.

The new cable car system offers a fresh look at the beautiful bay.

The cable car system is part of a VND8 trillion (US$358 million) project that also includes a ferris wheel and a park. The project was launched by real estate conglomerate Sun Group on Saturday after two years of construction. The double-deck design has been hailed as innovative. The system was built with consultancy from Austria’s Doppelmayr and Garaventa of Switzerland.

The cable runs 2.2 kilometers above the Ha Long Bay with two pylons of nearly 190 meters tall. Travelers will have 15 minutes to admire the scenery.

The cable runs 2.2 kilometers above the Ha Long Bay with two pylons of nearly 190 meters tall. Travelers will have 15 minutes to admire the scenery.

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April 17, 2015

How Caracas’s new cable-car system is making the city’s favelas more visible


Image credit: Iwan Baan

The hills surrounding the city center of Caracas have long been the sites of barrios, informal settlements populated by a steady influx of poor, rural migrants. It is estimated that about sixty percent of the city’s five million inhabitants live in such communities, but due to their illegal status these areas have never been formally connected with public transit or other civic services. The result has been a seemingly inexorable social divide between the two parts of the city.

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April 08, 2015

Urban Gondola in New York – Project links Brookly to Manhattan


Urban Gondola in New York / Image Credit: The New York Times

„Can that earnest but modest success be replicated across a broad swath of New York?“ asks The Atlantic about the biggest gondola project besides Austin in the US right now. „There’s not enough detail in this early-stage proposal to say for sure, but the general outline sure sounds pleasant. A cable car could convey riders from Williamsburg to Manhattan in under 4 minutes. More than 5,000 people could take the gondola in each direction in an hour, according to CityRealty.“


Image credit: The Atlantic 

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März 29, 2015

Cardiff evaluates plans for £100m cable car system

Nigel Roberts, chairman of the Cardiff Business Council, said: “We’ve been thinking and talking about this for the last 18 months. There are discussions in Cardiff of having a new tram system, monorail or bendy buses. Why not dream a bit bigger and go for cable cars? It would be phenomenal. There would be fantastic views across to the Devon coast and up the Bristol channel. But it’s also a practical solution for commuters.”

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März 23, 2015

New Orleans’ answer to the London Eye

The New Orleans firm Perez hopes to build this double-helix gondola-lift tower in time to celebrate the city’s 300th anniversary. Called the New Orleans Tricentennial Tower, the structure is wrapped in a double helix of gondola lifts, has two viewing platforms, and is designed to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the founding of the city which will be marked in 2018.

Februar 08, 2015

Gondolas as mass transportation systems – study shows different solutions

Image Credit: New York Times

Image Credit: New York Times

Gondolas or Aerial Tramway system are becoming increasingly popular as mass transportation systems. This development is also relevant to the mission of Eurasian Gondolas as the this gondola would operate between a means of transportation for travelling as well as a mass transportation system, in particular in urban agglomerations.

A comprehensive study from Katharina A. Rudolph from the Vienna University of Economics shows different approaches and solutions for urban gondolas. http://epub.wu.ac.at/872/1/document.pdf.

Aerial ropeways that are used as urban mass transit system are existing for instance in in the United States in New York City, Portland, Oregon, and Telluride, Colorado in Caracas, Venezuela, Algier, Algeria, Groningen, Netherlands, Wladiwostok, Russia, Medellin, Columbia, Bandung, Indonesien, Trier and Koblenz, Germany.

Januar 19, 2015

The Portland Aerial Tram

Image credit: Portland Aerial Tram

The Portland Aerial Tram is an aerial tramway in Portland, Oregon, carrying commuters between the city’s South Waterfront district and the main Oregon Health & Science Universitycampus, located in the Marquam Hill neighborhood. The tram travels a horizontal distance of 3,300 feet (1,000 m) and a vertical distance of 500 feet (150 m) in a ride that lasts three minutes.

Januar 02, 2015

Wings of Tatev – World’s Longest Aerial Tramway

Welcome to Tatev Gateway, home of the world’s longest non-stop reversible aerial tramway, an unforgettable route to Armenia’s medieval Tatev Monastery. The tramway opened on October 16, 2010 and its first passengers were the Presidents of the Republic of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (Artsakh), the Catholicos (head) of the Armenian Apostolic Church, and children from local villages. Just days later it was recorded in the Guinness World Records Book as the world’s longest non-stop reversible aerial tramway with a length of 5,752 meters.

Dezember 20, 2014

Wuppertal Schwebebahn

Wuppertal Schwebebahn is a suspension railway in Wuppertal, Germany. Its full name is “Electric Highway Installation (Floating Tram), Eugen Langen System”. Designed by Eugen Langen to be used in Berlin, the installation with elevated stations was built in Barmen, Elberfeld and Vohwinkel between 1897 and 1903, the first track opened in 1901. The Schwebebahn is still in use today as normal means of local public transport, moving 25 million passengers annually.


Dezember 19, 2014

Tuffi – The Jumping Elephant


Tuffi (c. 1947 – 1989) was a female circus elephant that became famous in Germany in 1950 when she jumped from the suspended monorail in Wuppertal into the river below.

On 21 July 1950 the circus director Franz Althoff had Tuffi, then 3 years old, take the Schwebebahn in Wuppertal, as a marketing gag. The elephant apparently did not enjoy the ride, trumpeted wildly and ran through the wagon, broke through a window and fell some 12 metres (39 ft) down into the Wupper river, suffering only minor injuries. A panic had broken out in the wagon and some passengers were injured. Althoff helped the elephant out of the water. Both the circus director and the official who had allowed the ride were fined.


Juli 09, 2014

Trans Siberian Railway – A Virtual Journey

The great Trans Siberian Railway, the pride of Russia, goes across two continents, 12 regions and 87 cities. The joint project of Google and the Russian Railways lets you take a trip along the famous route and see Baikal, Khekhtsirsky range, Barguzin mountains, Yenisei river and many other picturesque places of Russia without leaving your house. During the trip, you can enjoy Russian classic literature, brilliant images by photographer Anton Lange and fascinating stories about the most attractive sites on the route.

November 25, 2013

Futur: comme un métro suspendu


Image credits: Eiffage / Dassault Systeme / Poma

Un projet fou pour relier Vienne et Tokyo
Tous ces projets d’avenir ont donné une idée à l’Autrichien Wolfgang Lehrner. Une idée folle.

Si le téléphérique est le transport urbain du futur, pourquoi ne pas en faire le transport longue distance du futur? Ambitieux, il souhaite ainsi relier Vienne et Tokyo, en passant par Dubaï et Bangkok. Soit 12 000 kilomètres pour douze jours de voyage !

Mieux, il veut commencer les travaux en 2015. Optimiste, Wolfgang ?
« Il vaut mieux être optimiste pour se lancer dans un projet pareil », s’amuse-t-il.

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November 17, 2013

Gondolas Environmental Friendly – Low Emissions

The recent discussions about emissions in a number of cities in Austria, Europe and Asia have also brought up the question of the performance of gondolas in this field. A study conducted at the Vienna University for Economics has calculated the emissions of several mass transportation system. Gondolas have shown to have the lowest number of emissions behind metro or tram systems and commuter trains. Very badly perform busses in comparison. Gondolas are environmental friendly in a number of aspects, with low emissions being one of the strengths of the system.

Read the full Report (German)

August 17, 2013

Presentation of Plans for Gondola across the Danube in Vienna

Kahlenberg Seilbahn

Vienna could get its first mile of a gondola within the city. The president of Vienna’s Chamber of Commerce Brigitte Jank presented the project with Gondola-Expert Michael Bitterl from Doppelmayr. The gondola would be linked with the current metro system (line U6) and would go up Kahlenberg-mountain after crossing the river Danube. The city has yet to give the OK to this 30 million Euro-project.

Read more: Kurier / wien.orf.at

Juli 02, 2013

Ngong Ping – Spectacular 5.7km Cable Car Journey


Ngong Ping 360 is destined to be one of Hong Kong’s ‘must see’ tourist attractions on Lantau Island. Preserving the natural ecological environment and features of the Ngong Ping area and converging the custom and culture of the Lantau Island, Ngong Ping 360 is sure to refresh your body and enlighten your mind, as soon as you step on the Cable Car.

August 01, 2012

The Roosevelt Island Tramway

The Roosevelt Island Tramway is an aerial tramway in New York City that spans the East River and connects Roosevelt Island to Manhattan. It runs parallel to the 59th Street Bridge, also known as the Queensboro Bridge. Prior to the completion of the Mississippi Aerial River Transit in May 1984 and the Portland Aerial Tram in December 2006, it was the only commuter aerial tramway in North America.The tramway reopened on November 30, 2010, after a nine-month closure for modernization.


Februar 17, 2012

Gondola visionaries present their latest project in India

Alfredo Brillembourg und Hubert Klumpner, the planners of the famous Caracas-gondola in Venezuela, present their latest proposal for a visionary gondola in India. They show the possibilities of this project in their video about their on-going research on a new Metro Cable and integrated transportation system for Nagaland’s capital, Kohima. The film is designed to inspire additional investigation and community involvement with the project.

Watch the film

März 07, 2011

Buckminster Fuller World Game Synergy Anticapatory

R. Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) was one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century — and a visionary for the 21st. One of his motto also greatly inspires us: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”