Eurasian Gondolas Headquarter
Capistrangasse 2/8
1060 Vienna
Austria – Europe

Wolfgang Lehrner
Chief Developer, Visionary 

Matthias Reiter-Pázmándy
Chief Strategist, Operations 

Christopher Edi
Chief Technologist, Financials


Clemens Haslinger
International Affairs, Press

Boško Paunovic
Coordinator Europe

Koçer Ulas Sariçiçek
Coordinator Middle East

Dhruv Chandra Sud
Coordinator South Asia

Selina Ting
Coordinator East Asia


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Eurasian Gondolas – Booklet
Peak 2032, Future Lab, Mayrhofen, Austria, 2012

The Future of Travel: Eurasian Gondolas

Beyond Black Magazine, London, UK, 2010



Our team includes some of the brightest and hardest thinkers and developers in the world. Experts and visionaries in the field of art, sociology, politics and architecture smooth the way to let the dream come true.

Currently we are not hiring, but we are always looking for exceptional individuals to have on our horizon. If you are interested in the work we are doing and to be part of an extraordinary team, drop us a line.



Eurasian Gondolas
Wolfgang Lehrner
Matthias Pázmándy
Christopher Edi
Capistrangase 2/8
1060 Vienna