Connecting Continents

Eurasian Gondolas connects Europe and Asia, the East and the West through the world’s longest aerial tramway. In a time of permanent global exchange the transnational network links more than 30 cities and new developing areas.

The gondolas cover the distance from Vienna to Tokyo in 12 days. A unique tour with countless breathtaking views at the highest level. The journey, combining ancient routes with today’s megacities, takes you back to the future!

Why Starting in Vienna?

Vienna is not only the city with the highest level of quality of life but also a threshold between the East and the West. Being situated in the heart of Europe it hosts one of the three main locations of the United Nations and various other international organisations like the OPEC, the IAEA and the OECD.

Its geographic position has put it on an East-West-Borderline since centuries, but emphasized this situation during the Cold War when it became especially important due to its neutral status. Eurasian Gondolas want to honor this tradition with providing the city with Europe’s first physical transportation connection to the Asian continent.



Big projects like this always entail uncertainties in planning and meeting deadlines. But to give a first measure of the project’s timeframe we are proposing a timeline with seven legs starting from the first Eurasian link in Istanbul to the final connection with the islands of Japan:

  • 2016 Vienna – the starting point
  • 2020 Istanbul – the two continents are linked
  • 2025 Dubai – the new millenium becomes mature
  • 2030 Mumbai – halfway through
  • 2035 Shanghai – reaching the new global player
  • 2040 Pyongyang – political changes open up the last leg
  • 2045 Tokyo – the dream comes true