Building Bridges between East and West

Eurasian Gondolas connects 31 cities, the main stations situated in the legendary metropolises of Istanbul, Dubai, Bangkok, Mumbai and Shanghai. Each of the five main stations and 24 stop-overs (Zagreb, Belgrade, Sofia, Ankara, Trabzon, Yerevan, Tabriz, Teheran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Doha, Karachi, Kolkata, Yangon, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, Osaka) offers you hotels, restaurants and various connections to the regional and local public transportation systems, as well as sightseeing spots in the region.


Ancient Roots Meet the Future Route

The Silk Road – First Eurasian Transportation Route

The Silk Road was the first route of transportation that crossed the entire Eurasian continent. Its foundations were laid around 350 BC at the time of the empire of Alexander the Great. The network expanded through centuries and changing empires. Greeks, Chinese, Persians, Romans, Armenians, Jews, Indians, Mongolians and Arabs traded along the route. The Silk Road connected the legendary metropoles of the time like Beijing, Karakorum, Sarmakhand, Tabriz, Alexandria and Rome.

Vasco da Gama – Explorer of the Sea Route from Europe to South Asia

It was during the great Age of Discovery when Vasco da Gama and his crew were the first to travel the sea route to Asia. Circumnavigating the whole African continent they sailed around the notorious Cape of Good Hope all the way to India. Their voyage had lastet almost a year when they finally arrived in 1498 at the Malabar Coast. With bringing back to Europe cargo worth sixty times the cost of the expedition, their enterprise was a big economical success.

The Suez Canal – Short Cut to Asia

Already in the 16th century the Venetians were proposing the construction of a canal to the Ottoman Empire. But it wasn’t until the mid-19th century that French and Egyptians took concrete measures to build the canal. The Suez Canal was eventually inaugurated in 1869 connecting the Mediterranean See with the Red Sea. The route from Europe to Asia was now shortened by 8000 km or 40 %, causing the nick name of the canal “The Highway to India”.

The Trans-Siberian Railway – The First Transcontinental Railway

“The idea of covering Russia with a railway network not just exceeds any possibility, but even building the railway from Petersburg to Kazan must be found untimely by several centuries” wrote the Russian financial minister in 1880. Against all odds the construction of the longest railroad in the world was completed in 1916 – total electrification was finished only in 2002. Due to inefficient handling the typical cargo travel time from Japan to Europe via the Trans-Siberian Railway is reported as around 25 days.

Eurasian Gondolas

Eurasian Gondolas connects Europe and Asia, the East and the West through the world’s longest aerial tramway. In a time of permanent global exchange the transnational network connects more than 30 cities and developing areas in between. The gondolas cover the distance from Vienna to Tokyo in 12 days. A unique tour with countless breathtaking views at the highest level. The journey, combining ancient routes with today’s megacities, takes you back to the future!